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We now have over 100 watercolour landscape projects, with a new one added every two weeks, and I am often asked about the various degrees of difficulty; a particularly common question being "Can I advise which projects would be most suitable for beginners"?

I am reluctant to describe the projects as merely easy or difficult, because I don't think it is as straightforward as that, so we have labelled all the projects as either Grade 1, 2 or 3, with Grade 1 being the easiest, grade 2 sort of in between and grade 3 a bit more difficult. See below for a description of how I see the grades working.

I hope this system won't put off some of the less experienced painters from trying some of the more detailed, maybe more difficult projects, because going a bit outside your comfort zone is often a good way to learn. Indeed I can see from the paintings and comments on the members forum, that some of the less confident members have really enjoyed doing the more complex subjects, and feel they have learnt a lot along the way. Conversely I wouldn't want to discourage some of the more experienced painters from doing the slightly easier, less involved scenes, as they can be great fun, sometimes helping you to loosen up and re-visit some basic techniques. Indeed I get just as much satisfaction from completing the easier projects as I do from the more involved, slightly more difficult ones.


The tutorials marked grade 1 are generally quicker to do; being less involved and not containing quite as much detail.

Grade 1 Tutorial


These are what I would call intermediate, and should perhaps take a little longer as they contain more detail.

Grade 2 Tutorial


These tutorials are a touch more difficult than those marked grade 2, generally exploring more techniques and a bit more detail.

Grade 3 Tutorial

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