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Beautifully presented, clear and easy to follow tutorials

• Projects for all abilities, from complete beginner to advanced.

• A brand new tutorial is added every 2 weeks, and you get access to the entire back catalogue of projects all the while you’re subscribed.

• All tutorials are available 24/7, 365 days a year, so you can watch and paint along with them as many times as you like all the while you’re subscribed.

• Each tutorial project consists of a video, lasting on average 80 minutes, a download pack with line drawing, equipment list and reference images to help you get started.

Useful watercolour techniques.

• Tips on lighting, composition, and drawing.

• Sketching to mixing colour, preparation to completion, everything you need to know to develop your painting skills.

• We have a fantastic set of short videos covering all my most important and useful watercolour techniques.

•Practising these techniques to become more familiar with the process will serve you very well in your painting.

•These are all available for FREE, just register an account and you can get started straight away!

Online Artist Community

• Our members community area, available with all full membership plans, allows you to discuss and talk about each of the tutorials with other members.

Share your painting experiences, favourite tutorials, tips and hints of your own with other members - a real painting community and learning resource.

• Meet other members from around the world, and make some like minded friends!

• In addition to all this, each month there is a chance to win one of my original paintings worth upwards of £200! With all full members being entered into a monthly prize draw!

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Beached Boats

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A wonderful, accessible and varied selection of full tutorials by Geoff. I've already learnt a great deal. The very best watercolour painting tutorials on the internet! Geoff's easy going but insightful comments make learning to paint so enjoyable. Watching Geoff tackle each project from beginning to end is the very best way to learn.
Just amazing how much I am learning by following Geoff's lessons. Great explanations and attention to detail. Much appreciated.
Wonderful, I have enjoyed every one of Geoff’s tutorials. I am a beginner watercolor painter and just love the techniques he shares as well as various other comments that aim to teach the viewer. Thoroughly wonderful.
Geoff gives very detailed descriptions of what he is doing. The camerawork is amazing, you can see the paints being mixed and the detail of where he is painting. I've been a member for over 2 years now and I would not consider leaving just amazing!
Never thought I was capable of painting a landscape until I found Geoff's tutorials. I find the encouraging tutorials very helpful.
Geoff is an excellent teacher! His tutorials always provide instruction with something new to learn and the subjects are always something that I want to paint. I have really improved my watercolor skills by following Geoff and I am pleased with the paintings I produce! Thank you Geoff!
As always Geoff's tutorials are an inspiration. I have not found another artist/tutor with the same desire to get members to reach that higher level of confidence to have a go with their own projects. Well done Geoff and thank you.
I've always liked Geoff Kersey's way of painting watercolors, each lesson is complete and well guided, helping the student to complete the painting without problems. Thanks Geoff!!

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