Watercolour Landscapes with Geoff Kersey - Exciting News

Since launching Watercolour Landscapes with Geoff Kersey, nearly three years ago, we've built it up from quite a humble beginning of 24 painting projects, to where we are now, with over 85 full tutorials to choose from plus 26 tips and techniques pieces, with two new tutorials still being added every month.

I have to say I have been thrilled to see how well it has been received, and gratified to see how many members we now have participating in, and learning about, watercolour landscape painting.

Over the past few months the technical team have been working behind the scenes on improvements to the website, many of them based on comments and feedback from you, the members and I'm delighted to tell you that we have a brand new website ready to launch on October 18th!

So what will this mean?

Well first of all there'll be an obvious new look with a totally fresh design.

All of the tutorials will now be categorised in 3 grades.

Grade 1. Indicates the tutorial is generally quicker to do and doesn't contain quite as much detail.

Grade 2. I have applied to projects that I would call "intermediate", these take a little longer as they contain more detail.

Grade 3. As you would expect these tutorials are a touch more difficult. They require a bit more technique and contain more detail. 

We are also gradually introducing tutorial chapters, whereby you can skip straight to a particular spot in each video, with each chapter dealing with a particular aspect or detail of a painting. This is particularly useful if you want to revisit a specific part of a scene, to remind yourself how it was done with a view to improving it; or it may-be that you are working on your own painting, not one of the projects on the site, which contains similar challenges, and you are looking for a quick reminder of how to set about it.

Another really helpful new feature is our favourite tutorial list facility. Here you can mark tutorials as your favourites and add them to a favourites list so that you can quickly find them again in the future all in one place. Build up your own library of your favourite tutorials.

The technical team have also been working on a new improved members forum area, with new opportunities for discussion and interaction. It has been particularly rewarding for me to see how popular this has been with members of all experience levels posting their paintings, and receiving lots of encouraging comments and helpful hints from their fellow members.

In addition to all of this there is a chance every month to win one of my original paintings worth upwards of £200, with all members being entered into a free monthly prize draw!

As I mentioned earlier we are coming up to the third anniversary of my online tutorials, and in all this time we have managed to keep our prices at the original membership cost. However, as you know we have come a long way since our first tutorials. With added investment in our production, as well as all the new features on the website, we have had to make an increase to the cost of memberships for all members. This will enable us to bring you even better tutorials and fantastic online features to help you in your painting journey.

As of October 18th 2020 the cost of the monthly membership will increase to £13.99 GBP, and the annual membership to £139.99 GBP

These prices will be effective immediately for new members but for you, our existing members the new pricing will be introduced as below.

As an existing member your next scheduled renewal payment will be taken as usual - at the current price you have been paying. Following this subsequent renewals will be charged at the new increased price.

  • Your next renewal payment will be processed as scheduled on your usual renewal date and at the current price you have been paying.

  • Subsequent renewals will be charged at the new increased price. Any active promotional discounts that you have previously redeemed will continue to be applied to the new pricing according to the original promotional time period. For example, if you have a current active 20% discount applied to your membership the 20% will continue to be discounted off the new pricing for the remainder of the promotional period).

We have also introduced membership pricing in multiple currencies as the table below details.

Currency New Monthly Membership Cost New Annual Membership Cost
British Pounds £13.99 GBP £139.99 GBP
US Dollars $18.99 USD $189.99 USD
Canadian Dollars $23.99 CAD $239.99 CAD
Euros €15.99 EUR €159.99 EUR
Australian Dollars $25.99 AUD $259.99 AUD
New Zealand Dollars $27.99 NZD $279.99 NZD

If you would like to change your membership payment currency please contact us and we will be more than happy to update your membership for you. *Please note changing your payment currency will switch you to the new membership pricing shown in the above table with immediate effect on your next renewal payment, however any promotional discount on your membership will still be applied.

I would like to assure all my members that this decision has not been taken lightly, but I am convinced that the site continues to provide excellent value for money, both in terms of quantity and variety of projects, plus quality and detail of the tuition coupled with first class HD film quality and careful editing.

Happy Painting,