Ash Grange - Preview

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Length: Full tutorial 111 minutes
Difficulty Level: Grade 3

When we were discussing what sort of projects to include prior to a recent filming session, Roddy, the head of the video production team, suggested maybe a snow-scene and perhaps a farm scene.

So looking through old photos of farms near where we live in Derbyshire, I came across this one, I painted for my book “Painting successful watercolours from photographs” a couple of years ago. I decided that, even though at the time I took the photo, there was no snow on the ground, it would make an interesting exercise to change the season, and at the same time satisfy both criteria.

I love scenes like this with the crisp, bright winter light, the lovely blue shadows and (hopefully) just the right amount of detail in the buildings to make them look rustic, and authentic, without appearing over-worked.

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