Ashness Bridge Part 2 - Preview

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Length: Full tutorial 63 minutes
Difficulty Level: Grade 3

Here we return for part 2 of the Ashness Bridge tutorial. In the first part we concentrated on the sky and misty mountain background, and now we will tackle the intricacy of the stone bridge and foreground.

Every so often you come across a scene which needs little or no alteration to the composition and design; it seems to be the perfect painting subject. I think Ashness Bridge in Cumbria is one example of this. In fact, if the amount of calendars, postcards and paintings of this scene are anything to go on, I am not the only one who is of this opinion.

The little pack-horse bridge is in an elevated position overlooking Derwent-water, just a short drive from the town of Keswick.

I recommend you go for the larger (half imperial tracing) size as it is may be a bit busy for a small painting. However if you find the larger size a bit daunting, it will still work on a smaller sheet.

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