Autumn Colours - Preview

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Length: Full tutorial 83 minutes
Difficulty Level: Grade 2

I think we’ve been fortunate, certainly in the UK, to have had a long, warm summer, with plenty of lovely weather to get out and about and enjoy.

But the days are definitely getting shorter, and as the autumn colours start creeping into the trees I am definitely noticing that familiar chill in the atmosphere.

With this in mind I have chosen this great subject of a view along a path or track, that opens out into a bright autumn woodland scene.

The main aspect that appealed to me about this subject was the muted, soft colour scheme; which I think represents a change from the vibrant oranges and yellows we usually associate with this time of year.

There are lots of techniques to use along the way, from the initial big wet into wet wash, to dry-brushwork, use of body colour, and some fine detailing to pull it all together.

I got a lot of pleasure out of painting this scene, I hope you enjoy it too.

Happy Painting,

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