Beach Café Part 1 - Preview

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Length: Full tutorial 81 minutes
Difficulty Level: Grade 3

I had been on the lookout for a street café scene for some time when I came across this beach café at Old Hunstanton while on a walk along the Norfolk coastal path.

Although it isn’t strictly a street cafe scene, it does have many of the ingredients I was looking for: a bright sunny day, seated people under colourful parasols, and the soft shapes of the foliage to contrast with the harder forms of the background foliage and picket fence.

I have chosen to divide it into two parts (part two in two weeks' time) as it is about three hours long in total and contains plenty of detail right from the outset that it wouldn’t be a good idea to hurry.

A very colourful summer scene that I hope you enjoy painting as much as I did.

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