Bridge at Cauldwell’s Mill, Derbyshire - Preview

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Length: Full tutorial: 138 minutes
Difficulty Level: Grade 2

Cauldwell’s Mill is a historic flour mill in a place called Rowsley in the heart of the Peak District, just about a forty-five minute walk from our home.

I came across this little bridge in the grounds of the old mill many years ago and have painted it once or twice before in different seasons.

Here I have chosen a winter setting, so we can get a clearer view without all the foliage, and can really go to town on the detail of the bridge, focusing on the stone-work detail and exploring how the light and shadows help to describe the form and shape.

This detail is then contrasted with the soft wet into wet shapes and colours of the background, and framed by the large foreground tree.

Quite a busy little painting, but very absorbing and enjoyable.

Have fun!

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