Cumbrian Farmhouse - Preview

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Length: Full tutorial 180 minutes
Difficulty Level: Grade 3

I came across this lovely old Cumbrian Farmhouse on a long walk in the Lake District a few years ago, and it struck me instantly as the perfect landscape composition.

I was immediately drawn to the way the whitewashed cottages and the warm, sunlit stone of the barns, contrasted with the strong, grey shadows of the steep fell behind. I was also drawn to the variations of hard and soft shapes provided by the buildings, with their backdrop of trees, plus the shrubs and plants in the garden, which provide us with another opportunity to drop in a few contrasting colours and tones.

This is one of the longest tutorials on the website and really gives us the chance to explore some varied techniques and methods.

Even though I have graded it as a three, it's not particularly complicated, but it does require a bit of time to work through each stage to completion.

Something to really get absorbed by, and hopefully, you'll be rewarded with a lovely new scene to frame up and hang on the wall.

Happy Painting.

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