Footbridge in the New Forest - Preview

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Length: Full Tutorial: 149 minutes
Difficulty Level: Grade 2

The New Forest in Hampshire is a great place for a long walk, especially if you’ve got your camera with you and are on the lookout for painting subjects.

It was on just such a walk when I came across this little stream running through the woods, featuring an old rustic footbridge.

This provides us with an interesting focal point, and a harder, man-made shape to contrast with the natural beauty of the background foliage.

The subject gives us a great opportunity to explore once again the techniques for painting trees “en masse”, as well as individually.

I know that when we see masses of trees and summer foliage, it can look a bit daunting, so here I will demonstrate how to break it down with initial, loose, wet into wet washes before tightening up with a few touches of detail.

We can then move on to the wooden structure of the bridge and the reflections in the stream, before finishing off with a loose suggestion of shingle in the foreground.

A really exciting project to get stuck into.

Happy Painting,

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