Forest in Norway - Preview

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Length: Full tutorial 115 minutes
Difficulty Level: Grade 2

In this week’s tutorial I am working from a beautiful photo of a summer woodland in Norway, taken by the son of one of our members.

Despite there being a lot of green, it’s actually got a really good range of warm and cool colours, with the oranges and browns of the bracken, and the remaining winter leaves on the forest floor contrasting with the marvellous variations in the greens, from vivid summer shades, to the cooler grey greens in the distance.

It’s all rounded off with some warm purple shadows, describing the contours of the path. There’s lots of watercolour landscape techniques along the way, like wet into wet, dry brush-work, use of opaque colour, and using shadow to describe shape.

I hope you enjoy painting it as much as I did.

Happy Painting, Geoff.

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