Heather on Baslow Edge, Derbyshire - Preview

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Length: Full tutorial 166 minutes
Difficulty Level: Grade 3

I posted a painting of the same area as this a few months ago as a challenge on the members forum which prompted quite a few members to ask if I would do something similar as a full tutorial.

In addition to this, I have had one or two requests to do a painting that includes some heather; so I headed up onto the grit-stone escarpment we call the edges, on a bright August morning, and took the photo I am using for this scene.

It’s a busy painting that includes most of the watercolour techniques I employ.

There’s the use of masking fluid, lots of wet into wet and wet on dry along with fine detail and dry-brush work, plus some finishing touches with careful use of body colour.

All in all, I think it’s a really enjoyable tutorial to get stuck into with lots to learn along the way.

Happy Painting,

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