Horsey Wind Pump - Preview

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Length: Full tutorial 64 minutes
Difficulty Level: Grade 1

After the last tutorial which featured a fine, view of Windsor Castle from the Thames, I thought we would have a total contrast with this simpler, less detailed subject.

“Horsey Wind Pump”.

This is a great little scene, featuring a beautiful sunset on the Norfolk broads, which provides the backdrop for the almost silhouetted shape of the Wind Pump, a moored boat, and their reflections in the smooth calm waters.

There’s plenty to enjoy about this tutorial and what it might lack in detail, I think it certainly makes up for in atmosphere and a sense of place.

Grade 1 tutorials like this are ideal for newer, less confident members, but also the more accomplished, experienced ones, who I know will still be able to find some challenge and satisfaction from the painting process, and the resultant finished work.

After many years of painting, and almost as many years teaching painting, I still love doing this type of less detailed subject, where it’s all about capturing the mood and atmosphere.

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