New England Barn - Preview

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Length: Full tutorial 118 minutes
Difficulty Level: Grade 2

A big thank you to one of our members, Cheryl from New England, who sent me some excellent, inspirational photos from her part of the world, with a view to using some of them as possible tutorial subjects.

I have to say that when choosing which one to use first I was spoilt for choice, but eventually I picked this summer scene, which immediately inspired me with its rustic red barn, contrasting perfectly with all the summer foliage surrounding it.

It also occurred to me that it would be an ideal choice for the new project of putting out a monthly challenge on the members forum, whereby members could see the photo, and produce their own interpretation of it without any input or guidance from me.

This subject then became the “March challenge” which was very well received, so thanks to all those who took part.

I have to say I found it fascinating to see the various imaginative interpretations, posted in the challenges column on the members forum page, along with all the comments and critiques from those who saw them.

So here is my version of the scene, painted on a quarter imperial sheet of Arches, 300lb paper with a “NOT” surface.

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