Palm Trees in Sri Lanka - Preview

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Length: Full tutorial 55 minutes
Difficulty Level: Grade 1

Following the more involved and detailed "Rydal Bridge" tutorial, I thought we deserved a bit of light relief, with a simpler, less detailed, Grade 1 tutorial.

Perhaps surprisingly, I often find it more difficult to search out the simpler subjects. I think this is because I still want it to be a scene that is aspirational; something all members can learn from and want to show the resulting painting to friends and family, and hopefully hang on their wall.

With this in mind I have chosen this photo of silhouetted palms on a rocky shore, with a beautiful sunset sky, and a glimpse of the ocean. It's an excellent example of how to use a limited palette with a subtle combination of wet into wet and wet on dry; hopefully there's something for everyone.

Don't be put off if you're a more experienced artist looking for a more complex subject, as I think it's always good to re-visit basic techniques, with the focus not so much on detail, but on atmosphere and light.

Happy painting.

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