Port Mulgrave - Preview

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Length: Full tutorial 140 minutes
Difficulty Level: Grade 2

While I was thinking about the introduction to this tutorial, an item came up on the Today programme on radio 4, about a family who had been fined by the police for breaking the Covid rules when camping on the edge of the cliff at Port Mulgrave, the very place in this tutorial.

The presenter also commented on how dangerous it was, as the cliff is very steep.

This reminded me, that on the day I took the path down to the bottom of the cliff to explore and take photos, I had to just run down it and hope I could apply the brakes before reaching the sea.

Port Mulgrave is a derelict, former iron-stone exporting port, on the Yorkshire coast between Staithes and Runswick bay.

I love subjects like this, with the rustic, broken down sheds and fisherman’s huts, plus the collection of boats, sitting between the scattered debris.

It’s a great opportunity to go to town with colour, working with violets, greens, browns yellows and rusty reds.

It also gives us the chance to use a variety of techniques including, dry, brush, wet into wet, fine detail, and hints of body colour.

I hope you enjoy painting this scene as much as I did filming it.

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