Rydal Bridge - Preview

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Length: Full tutorial 106 minutes
Difficulty Level: Grade 3

In a recent members challenge we asked people to vote for their favourite tutorials, and it was very interesting to read what their preferences were, and why particular subjects appealed to them more than others.

Whilst there was no clear winner, the type of scene that did seem quite popular, with plenty of positive comments, were the more traditional, detailed scenes that contained a variety of aspects of the landscape, with lots to tackle and learn from.

With this in mind, I’ve chosen this image of Rydal Bridge in Cumbria for the latest project. It’s full of exciting landscape elements. There’s a bridge, a huge tree to get our teeth into, a flowing river, foreground rocks, a building, distant hills and a sky.

Something to really get absorbed by and enjoy the challenges.

Happy Painting.

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