Stone Staircase - Preview

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Length: Full Tutorial: 117 minutes
Difficulty Level: Grade 2

Because I paint two new tutorials every month, I am always on the lookout for the next subject, often trying to seek out something a little unusual.

So on this occasion, I was looking for something that gets a little bit away from what might be described as the traditional, bucolic landscape scene; like this set of weathered old stone steps on a footpath near the shores of Ullswater in the Lake District.

I have photographed this scene many times, but on this particularly bright morning, I was drawn to the light filtering through the foliage, making dappled patterns on the stone steps, and the prominent rock to the right of the scene.

I like the fact that we are looking into the light, also known as “Contre Jour” which helps to hide detail and gives us a stronger contrast between light and dark.

It’s a subject that will really benefit from working speedily to avoid overworking, capturing the light and essence of the scene rather than a lot of detail.

Happy Painting,

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