Threave Castle - Preview

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Length: Full tutorial 129 minutes
Difficulty Level: Grade 1

For my latest watercolour landscape tutorial, I have chosen this picture of Threave Castle, near Galloway in southern Scotland.

 I felt that we were overdue a “grade 1” subject, not only for the less experienced artists, but I think from time to time it is good for all of us to work on a simpler scene, where we can focus on injecting atmosphere into the picture, rather than spending time on detail.

Looking at the photo though, I felt that it would be an improvement if the sky was a bit more dramatic and there was a touch more light on the building. With this in mind, I borrowed the sky from another photo and used a warmer colour on the old castle walls.

Employing a bit of artistic license in this way can really make a difference to the finished painting and is a really enjoyable exercise.

Happy Painting, Geoff.

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