Tuscan Coast - Preview

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Length: Full Tutorial: 105 minutes
Difficulty Level: Grade 1

When choosing this subject I was particularly looking out for something that would make a good Grade 1 tutorial.

By this I mean a scene that is a little less detailed and involved and is a bit quicker to do.

However, that doesn’t make it any less enjoyable or satisfying to paint regardless of whether you’re new to watercolour landscape painting, or have been painting for many years.

We start the scene with an atmospheric sunset sky, made up of lovely purple, crimson and yellow colour mixes.

This provides us with the backdrop for this colourful Tuscan Villa, set on a rocky outcrop, and surrounded by gardens and foliage leading us down to the sea, which in turn echoes the warm evening sky colours.

A great little subject with the emphasis on working with a limited palette.

Happy Painting,

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