Tyneham - Preview

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Length: Full tutorial 86 minutes
Difficulty Level: Grade 1

On the day I took this photo we had accessed Tyneham by parking at Kimmeridge bay and walking there along the cliff top path. With marvellous views in all directions this makes a great day out, but as all the land around it belongs to the ministry of defence, and is regularly used for practice, you do need to check online first that the path is open.

It is often referred to as “Dorset’s lost village”, because it was evacuated in 1943 during world war 2 when the area was needed for military training. After the war ended, the villagers never returned.

This sort of subject has always appealed to me, where derelict buildings and former dwellings are gradually consumed by nature, providing us with the contrast of man-made shapes amid the ever encroaching trees, grasses etc.

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